LH TV is a new European travel and lifestyle TV channel available to European viewers.
LH TV Channel evolved from production and social networks as a step-forward and presents basic and essential content, attractive destinations for travel lovers and unique lifestyle.
LH TV Channel is for those who embrace travel as a balm for the soul, for those who’s watches show the exact time for imagined activities. For those who’s lifestyle is a personal statement. For those who want to broaden their horizons and are not afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone.  For those with an attitude.  For those who travel light, yet extravagantly. For the ones with the taste. For those who know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Herrenchiemsee New Palace, GERMANY
Herrenchiemsee New Palace, GERMANY


The world sensation Noa Berger, a social scientist in the world of coffee, in Belgrade, Serbia, thanks to the Embassy of Israel in Serbia, gave us a different perspective on a fabulous drink.

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Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA



LH TV powered by LIFE AND HOLIDAY is specialized travel TV channel currently available to 1.000.000 subscribers within 11 European countries and constantly increases viewers population. Our channels are available through cable, IP and OTT platforms as well as mobile applications. Channels are broadcasted in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia.
LIFE AND HOLIDAY TV network presents exclusively high standard travel offers, making no compromises with the quality. Programme themes: Destinations, Hotels, SPA, Medicine, Gastronomy,  Wines, Hunting, Yachts, Sport, Adventure,  Entertainment, Events, Lifestyle.


Travelers choose their destinations by imagining themselves in well-produced video. LIFE AND HOLIDAY is specialised in video production of intensive, custom tailored video promotion for our Partners (luxury hotels, restaurants, destinations, events…). 
We capture our Partner’s best  – THE EXPERIENCE. 
Our creative production team create Micro content – a perfectly measured small sized videos for digital media, ideal for usage on all social mediaplatforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website, internal cable system, …). Our production for social media can be seen on our Instagram.
Chain Bridge, Budapest, HUNGARY

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