The cemetery is located at the end of the tree avenue along Goriška Road in the direction of Ajdovščina. In accordance with the decrees by Joseph II, it was moved to the edge of the Vipava square at the beginning of the 19th century, as evidenced by the stone built into the foundations of the cemetery church with the years 1802 and 1819; before that, the cemetery stood in a walled area next to the parish church of St. Stephen. In the cemetery there are to two identical tombs of the Mayer and Lanthieri families, probably built in the middle of the 19th century; the interior of these spacious chapels with a rectangular ground plan with a temple front and a segmented pilastered entrance, closed with a wrought-iron railing, features a narrow niche in the back wall; standing in front of it in the Mayer tomb is a pillar-shaped cast-iron neo-Gothic tombstone, with a praying man placed on top of it. Standing in a row next to them is the tomb of the Lavrin-Hrovatin family with a pair of granite Egyptian sarcophagi, discovered in the tombs of the courtiers of the 4th and 5th dynasties at the foot of the Pyramid of Khafren in Giza; it was sent to Vipava in 1845 by Anton Lavrin (1789- 1869), the Austrian consul general in Egypt; these are two of the six known related sarcophagi in the world.

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