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Membership in LH CLUB allows you to stay in quality hotels at favorable prices that are only available to LH CLUB members.

Become a member of the LH CLUB now and enjoy your travels. Choose between two types of membership.


How does LH CLUB work?

LH CLUB represents quality hotels of LH CLUB PARTNERS. It enables LH CLUB members to use services in our partner’s hotels on more favorable terms. Members of the LH CLUB pay the membership fee only once a year and can use the services of partner hotels indefinitely and pay nothing when booking a hotel on more favorable terms.

How to become a member of LH CLUB?

After choosing and paying the membership fee, you must be registered. Your personal LH CLUB profile will be created with your personal information. Your data is needed to successfully process reservations and provide you with assistance.

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Each hotel partner in cooperation with the LH CLUB has set special prices for services as well as some services for free for the members of the LH CLUB. In this way, LH CLUB members get significant discounts, which even allows them to “return” the amount of the annual membership fee after a one-day stay in one of the partner hotels. All other reservations and stays in partner hotels are a benefit of LH CLUB members

How is the reservation realized and what is the method of payment for the LH CLUB PARTNER hotel services?

As a member of the LH CLUB, you choose a hotel partner on the website www.lifeandholiday. We direct you to the hotels website for additional information and to check available dates. Checking available dates is done mainly through the hotel reservation system or by contacting us via email. If the dates are available on the website, you enter your membership card number and we inform the hotel via email that you are interested in booking services at their hotel, and we send you instructions (code) or a contact to whom to contact to provide you with significant discounts. Further communication is between the member and partner of LH CLUB. The reservation will be sent to the email address as well. On this occasion, neither the member nor the partner is charged anything by LH CLUB. It will be our pleasure to cooperate to your mutual satisfaction.

Is paying by credit card safe?

Payment of the annual membership fee by credit and debit card is secure. LH CLUB uses a certified system of the latest technology to protect against data abuse and guarantees us that the data is protected in the databases.

Can the LH CLUB membership be used by someone else?

No, the reservation is made in the name of the LH CLUB member, since we send the name of the LH CLUB member to the hotel. Any abuse is sanctioned.

Availability and availability of service at the hotel?

The availability and availability of services is determined exclusively by the partner of LH CLUB, according to their business policy or occupancy. The partner is obliged to provide resources throughout the year, provided that they are free, and not only less attractive dates.

What happens if a LH CLUB member changes his mind after a booking request?

Not. The voucher should be purchased on the day the offer is published on the Megabon website. The value voucher is redeemed at the hotel later, after a previous reservation by phone or e-mail, specified in the offer notes on the purchased voucher, which you receive after the purchase on your profile on the website under the “My vouchers” category.

How to book an appointment?

After your request to LH club that you want to book the hotel’s services, and the receipt of an informational e-mail with the necessary information for reservations, further contact and conclusion of the reservation is realized in direct communication with the hotel.

Can I bring another person with me?

Of course. Your reservation is coordinated with the offer of hotel partners and you directly choose and fulfill your needs with the hotel.

What happens if the hotel does not offer services on more favorable terms?

If the hotel does not offer services on more favorable terms, it means that the hotel does not fulfill its contractual obligations towards LH CLUB. You do not have to make reservations and please inform us about the new situation.

Can multiple accommodation units be booked per reservation or for a longer period of time?

It is possible, if the hotel has available capacities.
What should I do if I forget my membership card number?
In case you forget the number, send an inquiry from your registered email and you will receive the membership card number by email

How do I know I made a successful reservation?

You have successfully made your reservation when you receive a hotel reservation confirmation in your email.