Lovers of fascinating birds of prey have created a falcon center. These birds have been called knights among birds. You enjoy the breathtaking flight of these birds after which they return to the falconist. Falcons will fight relentlessly  until they catch the spoils. For the visitors, there is a program that enables introduction to these birds.

The castle was purchased by albert i of austria in  the 14th century from the duke of habsburg and carinthia. In the 16th century, the emperor ferdinand sells the castle to the manager of the castle. Christoph khevenhüller turned it into a luxurious renaissance castle.  charles v, who sheltered in carinthia, escaping from protestants was once a guest in the castle. Khevenhüller lost the castle in the 17th century by the order of the emperor Ferdinand II. The castle begun to decay. In 1812, a fire took away the last remnants. Landskron became nothing more than a ruin. In 1953 it was renovated. The interior is decorated by history and landscape of the castle.

Beside the falcons in the small  zoo also dwell about 20 different birds: eagles, falcons and owls. Castle offers the view of the karawanks and the mittagskogel.

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